For cafeterias
FOODSCANNER is a self-service terminal for cafeterias. The customer places their tray on the recognition platform, the order is formed and payment is accepted.
From selection
to check-out,
in less than a second.
How it works?
Problem. Food establishments are faced with peak loads. Queues take time and mood away from customers, as well as loyalty and profits from business owners.

Solution. Automation of the process of adding positions to the receipt using innovative computer vision algorithms: they are fast and reliable. The self-service system will offer to confirm and pay for the order within a second.

Process. The device is installed in the establishment in the cashier zone or on the dispensing line, the customer selects dishes, places the tray on the recognition platform, the customer confirms the positions entered into the receipt on the terminal screen and makes the payment.
Percentage of accuracy in recognition of goods and
dishes based on the top-5 positions
"Seconds speed of recognition
and inclusion of selected dishes
in the order receipt.
Recognition management is under the control of the client. The client manages the terminals and menus in their personal account.
A pilot at a top-3 servicing company in the world
The HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés) version of Foodscanner has been successfully tested at one of the world's largest corporate catering companies. Research and improvements took more than 6 months, but all the stated metrics were confirmed and approved by the customer.
Work speed is at the core of the economic efficiency of system implementation. Thanks to recognition in less than 1 second, the business has the ability to serve a large number of customers in a unit of time, resulting in additional clear profit.
Recognition accuracy is achieved through the use of a high-precision neural network that is trained on a large amount of data. Recognition quality varies from 96-99% depending on the type of device and the complexity of objects.
Image processing takes place directly on the device and does not require a constant internet connection. This allows for fast work and reduces the risk of service unavailability to almost zero. Additionally, it meets the security requirements of corporate objects.
Device execution options.

Our technological partners - terminal manufacturers can offer a custom form factor for any type of device.
Step 1
Introduction and briefing
You leave a request for a consultation on the website. We send you a presentation and our manager contacts you to tell you about the project and discuss all the details of the implementation. We will also ask you to fill out a small questionnaire so that we can better prepare for the call.
Step 2
Supply and installation
Next, we gather and ship the device to your cafeteria. Our specialist will install and configure the device, explain how to use it and fully prepare it for standard work. Furthermore, you will have access to the software for managing merchandise positions and training and recognition services.
Step 3
Training and operation
For correct operation, the program first needs to be trained to recognize products and dishes. This is not difficult. It's necessary to take a few pictures using the device and highlight them in a convenient program. Training is done with the press of a button and it's all done! You can manage recognition, the list of products or menu in a convenient personal account.
  • Smart Cafeteria Solution
  • 98% accuracy for the top-5 positions
  • Cost of the device: from £2,900
from £230 per month
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